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e influence on creative activities.     WHAT TRIGGERS YOUR IMAGINATION?  It all starts when I see an object through the emotion I would be feeling at that moment. On other occasions, it comes during daily activities, when I am listening to music, passing by people and having conversation with my friends. My imagination sparks throughout the day.     WHEN DID YOU JOIN INSTAGRAM?   April 2014.   HOW DID IT MAKE YOUR WORK EVOLVE?  As time went by, I got attached to Venus Mansion and watched myself grow as the art works evolved. Because Venus Mansion is a way to express my personal emotions, collaborating with other brands and attention from the media is a lot to take in these days.      WHO ARE THE PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH?  Currently, I mainly work by myself. Collaborating with brands or other artists are valuable ways to create powerful energy and form new ideas. However, I currently would like to focus on developing Venus Mansion without collaborations.      HOW OFTEN DO YOU POST?  I normally post once every week.     WHAT ACCOUNTS DO YOU FOLLOW RELIGIOUSLY?   @plastikmagazine @love.watts @artsxdesign   WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO?   I usually listen to all sorts of music. To pick some artists, Adele, Lana Del Ray, Sia and Sam Smith are my favorite artists. I turn on their songs whenever I get really focused on my work and think they provide some comfort. These days, I'm getting inspired by Amy Winehouse.     WHAT ARE YOUR LATEST PROJECTS OR COLLABORATIONS?  I recently had chance to work with Vogue Korea on V-Series. The project had six hats from different brands and I was to work on illustration and coloring the items.

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